Summer School: Making physical education inclusive
and open to all

Inclusive learning is critical to promoting healthier living among people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Students in this course work with their target audience to innovate solutions for keeping people with ID active.


The InPhysEd course aims to empower participants to develop and pitch solutions for the challenge of including students with intellectual disabilities (ID) in physical education classes. This online programme is based on the understanding that inclusive learning spaces and early educational interventions are needed to promote healthier living, social integration and well-being for people with ID.

The programme will bring together teacher trainees, sports students, health and science students, and people with ID, to co-design innovative, inclusive learning solutions. In particular, participants will develop solutions for including students with ID in physical education classes – and will share their ideas with educational stakeholders from ministries, schools and universities.

Format of the course

The course will be held online and will follow the path, developed for this programme in 2019, to use innovative ways to upskill students and kick-start educational and professional development. Through expert content from academic and non-academic partners, students develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving and proposing creative solutions for the delivery of physical education at all school levels. The course also provides an opportunity to develop competencies in the areas of designing and pitching solutions using an entrepreneurial mind-set. Students will meet people from different countries, and different disciplines, to collaborate in interdisciplinary solution-focused proposals and extending their networks of support.

Course dates and application

Before the course, there will be a 1.5-hour prepatory meeting sometime betweeen 26 October and 1 November 2020.

The Course will be held online from 9-13 November 2020.

After the course, there will be a 1.5-hour pitch session, some time before the end of November 2020.

Information and registration

Applications will be accepted 7 September-9 October 2020 at this link.

More information is available at this link.


Daniela Schwarz
| Activity Lead | TUM