Bridging the Information Gap: Tackling Opioid Misuse and Addiction

As big pharma promotes synthetic opioids, and patients more frequently self-diagnose, opioid addiction is booming. This course helps learners use entrepreneurial approaches to address the crisis.


These days, patients are relying less on traditional medical advice and making more decisions about how to medicate themselves, causing major distortions in diagnoses that are made worse by the increasing availability of synthetic opioids. TOMA seeks to address this situation by training entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions for the problem. Course participants will learn to apply new, creative and entrepreneurial insights in order to help resolve the real-life correlation between misdiagnosis, misinformation and newer, more potent forms of opioid addiction.

Course dates and location

The course will be held in Dublin, Ireland and Groningen, Netherlands. It will run from late September (exact date tbc) until 25 November 2020.


Applicants are asked to register their interest in the course before 4 September 2020 by sending an email to:

Breandán Goss
| Activity Lead | Trinity College Dublin